Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry Designs

Looking to create a one-of-a-kind piece? Work with our professional custom jewelry designers to create the perfect piece.

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Step 2:
CAD & Wax Molds

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Step 4:
Finished Ring

We specialize in creating custom handcrafted jewelry to meet your individual desires. Imagine owning a high quality, finely crafted design made just for you – a composite of your desires and your ideas, along with our advice, design abilities and technical execution.

There is nothing like the experience of having your engagement or wedding rings personalized and uniquely designed just for you… or any other piece of jewelry that is meaningful and marks a special event or feeling that you want to capture and appreciate for many years to come.

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Redesign Reinspire

Redesign & Reinspire

Re-designing your jewelry is also a great way to bring new life to an older piece. Allow us to take an out-of-date design and re-make it into something that you'll be proud to wear every day.

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Engagement Ring

A great design always begins with a great story, and this is what makes the design process so special. To begin a custom piece, we listen carefully to our clients to develop a clear understanding of their dreams and lifestyle. We then employ meticulous focus to every detail of the design and figure out the most economical way to arrive at the end goal. Whether using our client’s metals and gems, or our own, no request is too strange, no idea too impossible, no project too large or too small. We love them all.

Matching our clients to a perfect piece of jewelry to commemorate life’s beautiful moments is a high calling. It’s actually less about the metals and gems, and more about the emotions that they elicit. Our jewelry becomes woven into the fibers of families. This opportunity is an honor that we never take for granted.

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